The Masters of Gay Knowledge are celebrating their tenth anniversary. "10 years doing culture"

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In the La Veu de les Entitats space, we present an association that has just turned 10, it is "Els Mestres del Gai Saber". To get to know the organization, we spoke to its president, Eva Ribas.

Eva Ribas explained Cultural Mataro what entity was born from a group of friends, who were already dancing gypsies in Sant Esteve de Palau Tordera, and who after two years of visiting exhibitions, doing activities together and growing up, got excited to carry out the recovery of the Dance of Gypsies of Mataró. At the end of 2015, taking into account the success of the gypsies, the organization launched another city project: the recovery of the rest of its traditional dances.

The organization currently has different sections. The most recent creation has been the troupe, as a way to maintain the dance troupe throughout the year, while allowing the incorporation of children and young people.

The organization has also created a new festive figure, the Mulassa de Mataró, which was born to replace the horse that took part in the Ball de Gitanes and that posed a risk to the public. To do so, they documented themselves in the archives of the Museu Arxiu de Santa Maria, where they discovered a 19th century documentation in which the Municipal Plenary already wanted to recover the Mulassa de Mataró.

As for the music and choreography, arrangements have also been made based on the research. Update work entrusted to the master Francesc Cassú.

Dresses are a different case. No documentation was found and the author of the design was the costume designer Pau Fernàndez, based on the colors of the Mataró flag.

The last project that the entity has taken over, although Mataró has no tradition, is that of the Hereu and the Pubilla de la Ciutat, started a few years ago by a residents ’association.

As for the future of the organization, Eva Ribas is very optimistic about consolidating the work done and tells us some new projects she is already working on.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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