Eloi Romañá is responsible for maintaining the figures of the City

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El jove artesà Eloi Romañá rep a l’equip de Mataró Cultural en el seu taller del carrer Sant Ramon de Mataró, “La Vella Verda”. En aquest espai s’hi poden veure reproduccions de diferents gegants. Destaca la figura d’en Robafaves en diferents mides i posicions.

Today we are in the workshop of Eloi Romañá, located in Sant Ramon de Mataró street. Many of you will know this place as “La Vella Verda”, A space full of popular crafts.

The workshop is made to measure, from giants to small-format figures, from costumes for giants to costumes for shows.

Cardboard is the most commonly used item in this workshop. The creation of the different figures ranges from design, sculpture, clay, mold, cardboard and painting. All the pieces are of own creation, as much the unique pieces as those that are produced in series.

Eloi Romañá considers himself a craftsman. For him, the difference between art and craft is that the latter has a use, while the purpose of art is only to enjoy it.

In addition, in their workshop, if they do workshops and extracurricular activities, Eloi tells us in the interview.

Today’s character studied Fine Arts with a specialization as a heritage conservator-restorer, so he is an artist with a strong background. Her first project was the Giantess Anna from the Pia School, which she did on the occasion of her high school research work.

Of all the things he does, what excites him most is being able to maintain the figures of the City. He tells us how, every year, before the Saints, he reviews all of them, especially the dwarves, who are the ones who receive the most blows. He was also commissioned to wear the new Momerotes clothes, which he made in collaboration with the Golden Crafts workshop.

Although he only opened the workshop six years ago, if you listen to the interview you will know some of the giants of the schools of Mataró that are his work.

As for how the pandemic will be affected, he says that this is how he will start to notice it, because it will not be necessary to make the usual repairs and restorations to the figures because they have not been able to get out.

As for the future, Eloi Romañá has several projects in his portfolio, including a new giant. He would also like to recapture the crib figure project he started when he opened the workshop.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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