The Koiné Group calls for the 14F pro-independence parties to commit to the language

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The Koiné Group calls for measures to prevent language substitution. The decalogue, which everyone can sign, reviews all areas and highlights the shortcomings of the policies applied so far. That is why he calls on the formations pro-independence activists who will run in the 14F elections commit to the defense of the Catalan language.

Presentation of the manifest on March 31, 2016 in the UB Auditorium.

He Grup Koiné es va constituir el 4 d’octubre del 2014, després de dues reunions preparatòries motivades arran de la constatació de dues circumstàncies, preocupants ala ulls dels seus membres: la primera, les veus sorgides d’un temps ençà a favor de la cooficialitat del català i el castellà a la Catalunya independent provinents de posicions polítiques independentistes; i segona, la indefinició (o el silenci) davant d’aquestes veus per part de certes entitats, tant les independentistes com les que es dediquen de manera explícita al foment de la llengua.

The members of the group come from the sectors of education at all levels, university research, mediation, journalism, translation, literary creation and linguistic and publishing services, always with languages ​​as the center of professional activity. .

So far they have carried out the following actions:

  1. Between October 2014 and July 2015, Koiné held an internal debate with the aim of ascertaining whether there was a sufficient degree of coherence between its components regarding the interpretation of the current sociolinguistic reality of Catalonia. to the causes that have led to this reality, and to the social, institutional and politico-legal actions that must be taken to change it.
  2. The first public action of the Koiné Group was the proposal to the management of Òmnium Cultural to make a statement setting out what, according to Òmnium, must be taken into account when establishing the legal regime of languages ​​in the future Catalan Republic.
  3. The third initiative promoted by Koiné, in operation since October 2015, has been the creation of the site web Country of Word (The languages ​​of Catalans in the land of Catalan), of basically graphic and audiovisual content, designed for multichannel dissemination via social networks, which has the voluntary collaboration of professionals from outside Koiné and the voices of the speakers who have wanted to give us their linguistic testimony. Country of Word was conceived as an instrument to reverse the current mental framework of Catalan society with respect to the “sociolinguistic reality” of the country (understanding country not only Catalonia, but the whole of the Catalan Countries), an objective to which we want to contribute by giving visibility and voice to the great diversity of languages ​​and cultures that enrich our territory, and doing so from what we consider should be the point of meeting in the sea of ​​this diversity: the Catalan language and culture.
  4. The fourth action of the group has been the drafting of the manifest "For a true process of linguistic normalization in independent Catalonia", and the search for the first signatories. The manifesto, presented to the public on March 31, 2016 in the Auditorium of the University of Barcelona, ​​has a first circle of signatories made up of nearly 200 personalities in the field of language. As of April 1, 2016, membership is open to everyone through the website of the newly constituted Language and Republic association.

Once created, the Language and Republic association, the Koiné Group has become a working group that is part of it but works independently, and is dedicated to developing sociolinguistic diagnostic work, as well as studying solutions to make it possible. a real process of linguistic normalization in independent Catalonia.

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