The Mataró Railway Group commemorates the 173rd anniversary of the first railway

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From this Saturday, October 23, on the occasion of the 173rd anniversary of the first railway, which connected Barcelona with Mataró, the Mataró Railway Group will exhibit a model of the station of our city at the Ateneu de la Fundació Iluro.

On the 173rd anniversary of the first railway that connected Barcelona with our city, the Mataró Railway Group presents a modular model that partially reproduces the Mataró station, from which only the tracks destined for ADIF’s repair shop have been dispensed with.

Visitors will see the station as if they were located on the seafront. That is to say, they will see the façade of the station as seen by the passengers on the platforms.

Many of the trains that visitors will be able to see running through the model are trains, which have run on the Barcelona - Mataró route. Older viewers will remember the UT600s that people called "the Swiss" because of their origin. The youngest will be able to see the latest trains, including the so-called "Civia".

It should be remembered, however, that in the past, freight trains also passed through this route. The Catalan railway system is designed in the shape of an eight. Freight trains now run through the interior of the territory, the upper left of the eight.

The model consists of thirty-five modules on which ninety-six meters of tracks are installed. The journey of a train from Mataró station to its place of origin having completed the entire route is just over forty meters.

El funcionament dels trens està controlat per ordinador amb el programa Train Controller de la firma Rail Road & Co. El sistema electrònic detecta la posició dels trens, activa els semàfors, regula la velocitat de cada tren i evita col·lisions. És un dels més moderns sistemes de control.

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