The Mataroní Development, an organization with 105 years of history in our city

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Ramon Salicrú, president of Foment Mataroní, talks to Quim Fernàndez, a member of Mataró Cultural, about the past, present and future of this centenary organization.

He promotion Mataroní is defined as a centennial cultural center that wants to continue making culture. Behind it hides 115 years of history of the entity linked to the history of Mataró, the Parish of Santa Maria and today completely autonomous entities such as the Lluïsos or the Armats de Mataró.

Mataro worship talks about the origins and the present of the entity, with its president, Mr. Ramon Salicrú., a very active person in the associative life of the City.

Salicrú tells us how a donation was the origin of the Foment's headquarters and foundation and the reason for an initial link with the Parish of Santa Maria. Subsequently, the Foundation became an independent entity, completely detached from the Church.

The organization carries out an important training activity, although recently, with the proliferation of courses in civic centers and other places, the number of people enrolled has fallen.

In addition, the promotion enjoys a stable program in different areas of culture, such as theatre, cinema or classical music. In the latter case, in collaboration with the City Council, being the programmer on behalf of the Directorate of Culture.

As for the cinema, it is the only stable theater in Mataró, which offers cinema on weekends, with more than 300 viewers weekly. In the case of theatre, Foment has its own group, the Tramway Theater Group.

Finally, Salicrú highlights the fact that the promotion Mataroní makes its spaces available to other entities.

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