The Ball de Bastons, a tradition that a group of young people have recovered for the city of Mataró

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Pau Benítez, a member of the group, tells us how the Mataró Cane Dance was born. From its beginnings, with the Esbart Dansaire d’Iluro, until they consolidated themselves as an entity of popular culture that values ​​the youth of its members.

The beginning of the Mataró Cane Dance group can be found in the “Vermut de Bastons”, the event that has been incorporated into the program of Les Santes, our Festa Major, for some years now. At the time, they were a group of dancers from the Iluro Squad.

The first news of a pole dancing in the Catalan Countries is in Tortosa in 1558. Pau Benítez explains in the interview how they have been maintained and recovered in the Maresme region. We will learn about the role of characters such as Joan Tomàs and Esteve Albert.

In addition to the music, in Mataró with a large amount of flabiol paper, the model is different depending on the territory. Items such as the number or size of the sticks may differ from place to place.

El Ball de Bastons no té un especial interès a anar a ballar fora de la ciutat, cosa que ja fan els Bastoners de Mataró. Segueixen dedicant els seus esforços a l’acte de Santes que va ser el seu origen i que comparteixen amb la colla dels Bastoners.

De cara al futur, Pau Benítez confia en la incorporació de nova gent a la colla i que els seus actuals membres no siguin imprescindibles.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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