We discover the Manuel Borràs Museum-Archive. An extraordinary collection of games and toys

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In the interview, Enric Borràs explains that he keeps the collection of games and toys started by his father, which he named the Manuel Borràs Museum-Archive. Through this impressive collection you can follow the history of the company Joguets Borràs in Mataró.

On this occasion, Mataró Cultural brings an example of collecting. An area that is also framed in the field of culture and that we do not usually talk about.

We interview Enric Borràs, continuator of the collection of games and toys started by his father and promoter of the Manuel Borràs Archive Museum. Enric is the fourth generation to lead the Joguets Borràs brand, which, among many other products, created Màgia Borràs.

The company started in Calella in 1894 with Agapit Borràs, being the first popular Friar of Time to manufacture it. A few years later the company moved to Mataró. The reason for the move was the best communication with Barcelona.

Borràs gives us a review of the main products that Joguets Borràs has manufactured and that can be found in the collection. Puzzles with almost 300 different models, Monopoly or Magic later, are some of the most successful games. In the case of Magic, it has been the star product since 1933.

Another review of the company's history is about materials and their evolution over time.

From here, the interview progresses around how the idea of ​​the museum was born. A private museum, not open to the general public, which Enric Borràs is making an effort to digitize and allow, so that it is known. Once the entire fund has been digitized and returned to the corresponding showcases, Borràs is able to allow arranged visits for small groups.

Another topic covered in the interview is the commercial and family relationship between Borràs and Palouzié, a company that sold the popular Mecano. Borràs also tells us about the documentation kept in the museum-archive. Another way to follow the history of the company.

We invite you to follow the interview, conducted by our colleague Quim Fernàndez, on our YouTube channel.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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