Debate on "The Uncertainty of Outdoor Photography"

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At the round table "The Uncertainty of Exterior Photography" intervened Jaume Estapé, Joan Buch, Enrique Martínez and Francisco Escarmena. All of them members of Foto-Cine Mataró of the UEC. The event was a complementary activity to the exhibition "On the way through the castles of Catalonia", promoted by the Mataró Cultural Association.

On the 5th of July, the second complementary activity of the three that have been programmed on the occasion of the exhibition “En ruta polos castells de Catalunya” took place. The exhibition of photographs of 12 Catalan castles can be seen until July 22, in the assembly hall of the UEC headquarters in Mataró (Carrer Nou, 29).

The round table, entitled “The uncertainty of outdoor photography”, was attended by Jaume Estapé, Joan Buch, Enrique Martínez and Francisco Escarmena, who with Carlos Carrera are members of the Foto-Cine Mataró collective authors of the 42 photographs on display.

The difficulty of going out to photograph on a given day, no matter what the weather, having to adapt to the schedule imposed by the distance of the monument, is one of the difficulties in which all participants agreed.

Comments on the light or prior knowledge of what is to be photographed greatly enriched the debate. "It's not the same to take studio photography, where everything is under control, to go out without knowing that we will meet."

The audience, although not very large, actively participated in the debate, as well as congratulating the authors for their works.

Below you can follow the details of the discussion and also enjoy the photographs on display and many others that have not been able to be exposed due to lack of space, as well as the cost this represents.

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