David Gibernau explains in Mataró Cultural the process for making the star of the tower of Santa Maria de la Sagrada Família

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Glassmaker David Gibernau, author of the star that has recently crowned the tower of Santa Maria in the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, welcomes us to his workshop.

In the first part of the conversation, David Gibernau tells us about the beginnings of the company. Like many companies in this country, it is a family business that is the product of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

Today's guest is more technical, though he admits that he inherited a creative background from his father. They have always looked for ways to do what others do not do.

Listening to Gibernau, we will learn about the commission to take part in the manufacture of the star that has been crowning the Santa Maria tower of the Basilica of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona since last December.

His professional career and as a good craftsman by far. Undoubtedly, this has been a factor that has influenced the commission, although the international projection of the Sagrada Família has made the media now have a special echo.

As an anecdote that Gibernau has not told so far, he tells us that some of the glasses that make up the star are signed. In some we can also find his hand stamped.

Before concluding, the interviewee insists that he is more of a craftsman than an artist. For him, the difference is in the knowledge of the technique that the former must have, while the latter must be more creative. There is also a lack of commentary on current and future projects.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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