Creativity, the more you use it, the more you have

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I read this quote from Maya Angelou, a versatile woman who had been an actress, singer, magazine editor, and also a great human rights advocate. Maya Angelou said: "You can't run out of creativity, the more you use it, the more you have" And that made me think about the range of artists we have in Mataró. In its ability to adapt, for example, to the agonizing situation we have suffered, so to speak, behind the coronavirus. But also to the obstacles from the administrations, so that they could develop their work and their creativity. On the other hand, their ability to adapt when creating, when conditions are imposed on them; for example for a given exhibition. In fact, the phrase in particular made me think of the 15 × 15 exhibition organized by the Sant Lluc per l’Art association; and which opened its doors on December 4, at the Association of Surveyors and Technical Architects in Mataró

It is an exhibition already traditional for these dates, where all the artists, who are more than seventy in this case, have to exhibit their works in a specific format: unique frame and sizes of 1 5 cm by 15 cm. And that obviously affects them in some way. It is an exhibition that is usually held at the end of the year, both to promote the artists and their works, as well as to bring the most affordable art closer. So that everyone can buy and enjoy a work of art at a price suitable for almost all budgets, where we can find well-known brands and other novice artists.

We’re talking about seventy artists exhibiting a single work. This can give a clear vision of the potential of artists that we enjoy in Mataró, in an exhibition that makes it easier to acquire and / or give away an original work! Well, who doesn't like it !! Or receive a work of art as a gift? To be able to make for example an original, unique and different gift in these so important celebrations.

It is undeniable that our artists are able to adapt to virtually everything; and the fact of participating in this exhibition, I think proves it.

But Mataró enjoys more exhibition halls that, with the same intention of bringing art closer to an affordable price, are opening their doors these days. However, we have La Destil·leria, located on the Camí Ral de la Mercè, next to the Baixada de les Escaletes, which in addition to being an exhibition hall, is a workshop school where painting, sculpture, photography and jewelry, catering… where this Friday returns one more year «Up to three hundred», the collective Christmas exhibition in which works of art by different artists can be purchased at a price of precisely up to € 300 as maximum.

Allow me fifteen days. This year, give away art. Give a hand to our artists.

Batec de la Cultura issued on December 20, 2020

Octavi Nonell

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