We know the objectives of the Association of Friends of the Mataró Tramway

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Mataró Cultural gives voice to a new entity, this time we spoke with Mr. Salvador Herraiz, from L’Mataró Tram Friends Association.

We chose this entity to coincide with the presentation of the book Mon. “THE MATARÓ-ARGENTONA TRAM DISAPPEARED" that Mataró Cultural had planned to celebrate. That finally could not be done for reasons beyond our control.

Els objectius que s’ha fixat l’entitat convidada, són: la restauració del Tramvia núm. 4 de la línia de Mataró-Argentona, la promoció del retorn del funcionament dels tramvies a la ciutat, com a mitjà de transport, ecològic i sistema alternatiu, així com la promoció de la història i tradició del Tramvia de Mataró.

Mataró came to have seven vehicles. Of these, the first three are the only ones that have been restored: the first is in the Museu del Transport de Catalunya in Castellar de N'Hug, the second is the one on display in the Plaça Nova in Argentona and the third is the one located in the middle of the roundabout in Plaça Granollers in Mataró.

In 2003, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the arrival in Mataró of what would be tram number 4, known as “el gros”, theMataró Tram Friends Association, appears strongly in our city.

As we have advanced, one of the objectives of his organization is the recovery of the number four, the "fat", which is in worse condition. This car was claimed by Mataró City Council from the Transport Museum, together with number three, to be restored. But the budget was never approved to do so and it is in the municipal warehouse waiting for the necessary resources to be dedicated to its restoration.

In the conversation, Salvador Herraiz explains the conversations and negotiations with the City Council, as well as where they would like to place it once it has been restored. He will also tell us what activities his organization plans to carry out.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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