We know the trajectory of a sociocultural activist like Antoni Vilá

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Quim Fernàndez talks to Antoni Vilà, a socio-cultural activist, who was director of Cáritas in Mataró for 10 years, active member of the Senior Classrooms and vice-president of Foment Mataroní.

Antoni Vilà is not an artist, like those who usually participate in the Mataró Cultural interview space. Vilà is a sociocultural activist. A person without whom there would be no cultural activity and society would be very different from how we know it.

Our guest today was director of Cáritas in Mataró for ten years. It is for this reason that he is one of the people who knows the social reality of the City best.

He is currently vice-president of Foment, one of the oldest entities in Mataró, together with the Catholic Center and is also an active member of the Senior Classrooms, university extension classrooms for the elderly.

Antoni Vilar confesses that he feels very good about all the organizations he participates in and he really enjoys his work. It is noteworthy that the Senior Classrooms of Mataró are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and are the oldest in the country. As for Foment, he reminds us that a few days ago it received recognition from the Generalitat for being one of the centennial cinemas in Catalonia. He also speaks highly of Cáritas, but thinks that after ten years he should have taken over, even though he continues to collaborate.

As vice-president of Foment, he is responsible for the musical programming, while it is this organization that manages the programming in charge of the Culture Directorate. In eighteen years at the head of this task, the City has brought many artists and many musical works.

Vilà talks to us with passion about everything he does and is an example of a person who devotes almost all of his time to others.

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