City Cerdanyola Today TV is a project that seeks to spread the human wealth of the district of Cerdanyola

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We present an association, based in the neighborhood of Cerdanyola, born from the initiative of two people: Ildefonso Marmol and Dionís Fernández. Two neighbors who run an online TV show to spread the social and human wealth of the neighborhood.

The organization promotes the creation of audiovisuals that tell the story of the neighborhood of Cerdanyola through people and their personal history. Very often, anonymous people who star in the day-to-day of history and whose books will never say anything about it.

He currently has almost 40 documentaries, which can be viewed on the Internet through his blog and the video channel.

Cultural Mataro talks to Ildefonso Marmol, president of the organization, content documentarian, and Dionís Fernández, responsible for the production of the videos, who give us a detailed description of the work done so far.

Cerdanyola City Today TV was born from the desire to collect, after checking that it was being denatured, the history of the neighborhood of Cerdanyola told by its direct protagonists. That is why the selection of the characters interviewed is based on the experience and relationships, as social and religious activists, of the members of the organization.

The association does not have the technical means or other resources of its own, but are the components of the same that provide the necessary material.

In terms of the selection of characters, artists and events, Cerdanyola is the main driving force behind the project. Of all the interviews conducted for Marmol and Fernàndez, the most endearing were the one barber neighborhood and founders of Greenfinch, the latter because of the ties that the latter had had.

Asked if they have considered extending the project to other districts of the city, they answer that for time and resources they can only focus on Cerdanyola. In addition, they have all had a very different construction process and history, which would make it very difficult.

Finally, we talk about future plans for the project. They tell us that at the moment they have two new videos in production, which will be available very soon. They are also working on a more ambitious proposal, which is to make a mini-TV series about the history of the construction of the neighborhood, but say that in order to move forward they would need new collaborations.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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