Today we are accompanied by the Mataro musician Joan Lorente, a Catalan pop-rock singer-songwriter

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Mataró Cultural interviews the musician from Mataró, Joan Lorente, who is in love with Les Santes, a teacher by profession and a Catalan pop-rock singer-songwriter. Our guest's first solo album is entitled "Starting Point".

A Jto Lorente music has accompanied him since childhood. Very soon he formed the first group with some friends. The group, with which they released an album, was called "unedited".

After leaving the Salesians he trained musically. He attended music schools and also the Conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona. Thus he learned to play different instruments and to compose.

Understandings define the first solo album of John Lorente like a fresh record and where the guitars and melodies are the protagonists. An album with songs full of personal stories where the lyrics are born of hope, strength, friendship and especially love. Definition with which the author is recognized.

Joan usually composes all her songs, although she likes to share them with her collaborators. Although he does not give up singing songs in other languages, the songs he composes are always in Catalan, the language in which he expresses himself.

His songs can also be heard in the video clips we find on youtube. For the editing of the video clips, Joan has had a great team of professionals.

Although for a few years he devoted himself exclusively to music, he confesses that being a teacher is his other great passion.

Regarding the pandemic, he regrets the forced cancellation of seven concerts he had planned, but he is happy to have been able to use this time to experiment and record new things.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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