Art and Party. More than a century of posters and programs of Les Santes at the Ateneu of the Iluro Foundation in Mataró

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From June 18 to August 29, 2021, in the rooms of the Ateneu of the Iluro Foundation, you can see the exhibition "Art and Party", organized by the Museum Archive of Santa Maria de Mataró for its 75th anniversary, showing graphic material from more than a century.

He Santa Maria Archive Museum - Matar Local Studies Centeror commemorates its 75th anniversary with an exhibition at the Ateneo de la Fundación Iluro that shows, for the first time, its large collection of posters and programs of the festival of The Santes, la més completa que es conserva, amb exemplars únics del tombant del segle XIX al XX.

Els cartells de la Festa Major del 1894 al 2021 formen un recorregut visual per la història i l’art gràfic de la ciutat. A més del centenar de cartells que s’exposen ordenats cronològicament, la mostra inclou els programes oficials, els del promotion Mataroní i els de Publicitat Fermalli que han anat nodrint el protocol tradicional de la festa i la seva evolució.

The exhibition invites you to explore the powerful imprint that posters and programs, with their language and plasticity, imprint on the festive celebration. Especially the poster, a central piece, which projects the symbolic image that each artist has of Les Santes.

The posters thus make up a single canvas painted by many artists, which fertilizes the party's imagination over time and each year evokes the value of novelty.

The exhibition will open today and can be visited until August 29 in the rooms of the Ateneu of the Iluro Foundation, in the Riera de Mataró. TheMaresme County Archive, Cabré Junqueras, Folgarona, MataroAudiovisual, Publicitat Fermalli, Ferreteria Colomer, Fustes Pram, Finques Pous, Copy-Rap, Avet-Set i Calçats Boixet, també han col·laborat a fer possible aquesta exposició.

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