"Don't make a present this year. Make the GIFT this year! ” For Octavi Nonell

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The year is coming to an end! I think we all wanted this year to end. A complicated year where it turns out that covid-19 has almost put us all on the ropes. And at the moment I remember a group that has been very touched, very affected by this situation. I'm talking about the artists. They, like no one else, have been through the worst of everything, what it means to be deprived of their livelihood. And given this circumstance, I think we could all lend a hand; and I want to make you a proposition. I would like to give you a piece of advice that I would like you to follow.

At the end of the year, it is very typical to give gifts to family and friends. I suggest you don't give any gifts this year. This year you make The Gift. Let's see, the artists involved in all this problem are painters, sculptors, writers. There is everything. Then I suggest you give the gift of Art, Culture this year. Why not give a book of poems or a good novel instead of giving something silly? Why not give a painting or a sculpture? In Mataró we have a wide range of artists, and almost every week, these artists have been holding exhibitions. It is very difficult that in one of these exhibitions you would not find some small detail or a large detail, some work that you might like and which, surely, would be affordable in your pocket. Can you imagine the face of the relative or friend who, instead of receiving nonsense, receives a painting or a sculpture as a gift? It's sure to be a surprise. But I'm also very sure that you, seeing his reaction, will also be in for another surprise. How many times have we not thought... I wish they hadn't given me this gift! Well, now we could possibly change this expression to: Darling, what a most original and best gift they have just given me!

Together we can lend a hand to culture. And I suggest that you don’t give a gift to your family or friends this year. This year make them The Gift !! That gift that is sure to mark and last. In this way we help a group that has been deprived of its source of livelihood since the beginning of the year, deprived of the ability to work. As simple as that. I repeat, this year do not make a gift, make The Gift. Definitely worth it.

Octavi Nonell

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