Albert Geronès interviews the artist Mònica Vilert as part of the exhibition “Touching, tracing, painting”

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On this occasion, we have dedicated the space to the interview with Mataró Cultural to the Mataró artist Mònica Vilert, who is currently exhibiting in the rooms of the Enric Monjo Museum in Vilassar de Mar. The exhibition can be visited until November 3.

Mònica Vilert is a vocational artist. From a very young age she liked to draw and paint. As she grew older, this led her to study Fine Arts, earning her degree.

His image and presence convey serenity and warmth.

Vilert combines his professional life as an artist with that of a teacher in the visual and plastic arts area for secondary school students at the Cor de Maria school in Mataró.

He has a long history of exhibitions. We started to hear about her in 1988 in the defunct Minerva room in Mataró, and we can say that until the year 2000 she was exhibiting regularly, but suddenly this regularity is cut. And it reappears in 2010 in the room of the Delegation in Mataró of the Association of Surveyors.

Asked by Geronès, Vilert attributes his time of silence to a family situation. She also talks about the role of women as artists, how difficult it can be to make their way in the art world.

Two years ago you were the winner of the Tores Garcia Biennial. An award recognized throughout the state, but when we listened to it, we realized that it did not have much of an impact on his professional career.

The artist then explains how the current exhibition was born, how it was conceived, the role that space played and the reason for the title. He also tells us about his personal plastic language and what concepts have been brought to him.

As for the most immediate project he has, he states that it is his participation in the Sant Lluc Collective next October in Mataró.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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