In the Interview space, Albert Geronès talks to the artist of Chilean origin and resident in Mataró, Pia Sommer

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Pia Sommer, born in Chile in 1981, has been living in Mataró for several years and has been one of the resident artists at the art and culture space La Destil·leria, on Camí Ral in our city, a place where we do the interview.

She is a Bachelor of Arts (IA / P.U.C.V. Chile), Cultural Manager (P.U.C. / Chile), Master in Sound Art. Plastic arts, architecture and music, Master in Artistic Production and Research (UB) and is currently studying the doctoral thesis in the Advanced Studies in Artistic Practice and Research program at the University of Barcelona.

He has held numerous exhibitions and interventions. He has recently presented the "TRANSFER" exhibition in the space of the Distillery in Mataró.

Sommer defines himself as an "anartist". In the interview, she explains how she interprets this concept. He also gives us a review of his personal and artistic career, so he likes to achieve with his work.

He confesses that he likes to transgress and is a socially and politically committed person.

Pia Sommer she is a versatile artist who touches many aspects: the world of sound, plastic and sculptural activity, poetry and has also performed. It has its own plastic language, the result of many years of work and relating to its environment.

Although, also in art, more and more visibility is being given to women creators, there is still no real gender parity. In this aspect, Pia Sommer believes that this openness to the participation of women is thanks to some men who are working there. He also thinks that discrimination occurs more in fields such as poetry, than in painting. Personally, she has not felt displaced by being a woman.

In the last part of the interview, Pia Sommer tells us about her future projects, among which the doctoral thesis and different poetry and music proposals stand out.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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