We know better Asociación Cultural de Cerdanyola and, therefore, we speak with the president

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In the space "The Voice of Institutions" Mataro Cultural activist talked to cultural, social and neighborhood, Pedro Barroso, president of the Cultural Association Cerdanyola.

For the program "The Voice of Institutions" program Cultural Mataro this week, we have chosen the Cerdanyola Cultural Association. This is due to the fact that a few days ago the Cultural Week of the Cerdanyola district of our city was celebrated, of which the organization we present is the organizer.

The organization was founded in 2003 with the aim of filling the cultural gap that, according to Barroso, suffers from the neighborhood. It was started by a group of friends from the Neighbors Association, who, sixteen years later, are still working towards the same goals. However, he regrets the lack of young people who want to join the project, a problem that most organizations are facing.

In addition to the organization of the Cultural Week, during the year, the work of the organization is organized in different workshops. Take, for example, the poetry workshop, where participants, in addition to learning to write, learn to recite their own texts or those of other authors.

Among the activities, there is also a weekly cooking workshop, which, with the name of "Los sabores de nuestros recuerdos", aims to recover traditional and ancient recipes, with the participation of about thirty people. No less important is the activity of the La Toscana choir, also promoted by the organization.

Barroso also tells us about a new activity that took place during this year's Cultural Week. It was a question of following the route that the Tramway of Mataró used to take. During the journey, the different stops and emblematic places in the neighborhood were explained.

Finally, the president of the Cultural Association of Cerdanyola is not too optimistic about the future of the organization unless new, younger people join.

Here you can listen to the entire program.

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